Sarl Akfix Algerie is a private Algerian company which represents the Akfix brand in Algeria. It is situated in Ouled Yaich Blida (next to Venus). Akfix which has developed different products according to the needs of various customers reaches its customers through a wide range of products composed mainly of:


• Aerosol polyurethane foam
• Sealant products
• Adhesives for stationery
• Technical and industrial adhesives
• Technical aerosol products.

Product Categories

Akfix has international experience and extensive knowledge of information in the categories of polyurethane foam and silicone sealant products.

Expert in aerosol polyurethane foam products and silicone sealant products, Akfix, is a true Master of Solutions

It produces permanent solutions that complement building materials and facilitate the work process of professional building and construction practitioners.

All Akfix products are manufactured in Istanbul-Hadımköy, in facilities built on an area of ​​25,000 m², equipped with the latest technology, which have ISO 9001 quality system certificate and high production capacity.

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