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A70 Penetrating Oil Spray

High performance penetrating oil enriched with MoS2.

A70 Penetrating Oil Spray

Product Information


  • Excellent penetrating capability. Penetrates into hard-to-reach areas quickly.
  • Loosen rusted parts and form a protective layer between metal surfaces.
  • Diminish friction.
  • Remove water and protects against moisture.
  • Protects metal parts and surfaces from corrosion.
  • Eases quick disassembly of mechanical components, fittings, assemblies, nuts and bolts and other close tolerance fasteners.
  • Leaves a solid lubricating MoS2 film.
  • Reduces wear and facilitates future disassembly.
  • MoS2 reduces friction even elevated temperatures.

Applications Area

  • Seized and rusted nuts and bolts
  • Locks and hinges
  • Screwed parts
  • Equipment disassembly
  • Corroded fasteners
  • Valves
  • Air tools
  • Chains and conveyors
  • Agricultural equipment  


S.Code P.Code Type Volume BoxQty B.Pallet Barcode
YA020 A70 200 ml 24